One of the most basic responsibilities of being a believer in Jesus Christ is the need to propagate the gospel message.

Most people seem to think evangelism is for people with reverend or pastor in front of their name. When we all stand before the King of Kings, each of us will be required to give an account of our earthly lives. 


This page is designed to provide an opportunity for people to become involve in the great commission. You don't need to stand on a soapbox on some street to preach the good news. You can write an article, submit it to this forum, and if published, it can reach thousands of people.

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Breaking News Flash! Nobbman
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Revelation…Why The Mystery? 
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When will people wake up?
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Some fantastic heretics I have known
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Who Is The Serpent Of Genesis 3?
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Hate Crimes Law A Reality  
The Gospel Must Go To The Jewish People
Israel: The Super Sign of the End-Times, Part 3
OSAS: Demystifying Hebrews 6 & 10  
The Rapture and the Timing of the Two Witnesses 
Overcoming Hypocrisy  

Defending the Faith
Israel: The Super Sign of the End-Times, Part 2
Israel: The Super Sign of the End-Times, Part 1
Are You Truly Saved?
Psalm 83 Debate (Imprecatory Prayer)  
Psalm 83 Debate (Prophecy)
Mr. Doom and Gloom and Deceit
Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin and the USA II
Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin and the USA III

Letter About Suffering - II   
Letter About Suffering - I  
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Letter About Prayer  
Letter About Spiritual Growth  
Overcoming Sin the Wrong Way  
Truths from the Year 3000   
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Jesus B.C. & A.D
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Let the Reader Understand
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What I’ve learned from behind the drum set, Vol. II
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Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin and the USA
Desensitization Towards Blood and Death
Psalm 83 and the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39  
Antichrist and The Falling Away
Titanic and the Apocalypse
The Growing Evil
The Rising Desperation of the Satan Administration
2012! Doomsday Or What? 
Something I’ve learned from behind the drum set 
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Judgment on America
End Times Urgency  
The Case for Pretribulation Rapture
No God but One
Dan Brown a patsy or just a willing pawn?  
Nuclear 9/11...It’s Coming  

What is Life?
America's Judgment and Islam
Bible Prophecy: Where to Begin? 
Joy Unspeakable And Full of Glory
Oooo!! Spirits of Halloween!!

We Shall Be Member's Of God's Family
A Wakeup Call for Christians
The "Epicenter" could Shake the World..
The Audacity To Hope? Not Really  
Understanding God’s Will  
Why Perilous Times Are Now In Overdrive  
A Spirit of Antichrist and the Era of Obama  
The Man of Sin and the New World Order 
Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory
Solomon’s bottom line
America’s death dealing disconnect
It’s Getting Late; Do You Know Where Your Soul Is?
Free speech under attack!
Do you have Spiritual Guts?
To Be Successful You Must be Narrow Minded
Calling yourself a Christian doesn't make you one
How Soon the Rapture?
Rapture Linked to Peace Process-Part 1  
Rapture Linked to Peace Process—Part 2
Living Under the Sword of Damocles  
C.S. Lewis warned against A.A.

Why Appeasement Always = Defeat 
Religion of peace? 
End-of-the-Age Atrocity 
Daniel’s Vision of Our Times... 

Three Headlines Worth Noting  
What You Need to Know about the movie Knowing  
A Timeline Of Prophetic Events  
The Faithfulness of God
The Day After the Rapture 
Peter! You Went Where?!? 
The Seven Deadly Sins
Israel: God’s Chosen People  
Christ’s Glorious Appearing And The Millennium 
What Atheists Believe and The Elephant Joke   
How to Properly Read the Bible     
How Much Does God Want Me to Give?

To Fear Or Not To Fear?
Give Me That Old Time AA New Age Religion
For A Bowl of Pottage  
The Eschatology Equation
Who is your scapegoat?  
Crossing Paths With God  

America the Modern Sodom?  
The Gates of Hell  
Wake-Up Call  
Uncloak the Wolf  
A Call to Battle  
Modern Idolatry — the New Teraphim
The Apocalypse of Isaiah 24
Seances, Spirits, and 12 Steps
Assyria: The Nation of the Antichrist 
Don’t Live on “Nazarene” Street
The Vital Few versus the Trivial Many
Beyond Your Comfort Zone
9/11 Remembered and Respected  
People who are in a cult never think they are in one
Antichrist Treaty with Israel No Mideast Peace-Pact
America’s Invincibility Shattered
Israel Destroys Damascus, Then Russia Invades

 Peace in the Midst of the Storm  
False god of The Shack is A.A.'s higher power' 
The Rebuilding of Babylon   
Universalism or One Way to God?  
Bible Prophecy For Beginners  
The Unholy-Trinity Operating in the Last Days  
Why Can't We Drill Our Way Out?  
The Middle East and the Beast of Revelation
Islam: Will it Die or Become More Extreme?
The People of the Prince, Who Are They?  
Israel Expands, Islam Expires, and Terror Ends Part I 
Israel Expands, Islam Expires, and Terror Ends Part II 
Israel Expands, Islam Expires, and Terror Ends Part III 
The Message of the 144,000 Future Jews for Jesus
The Call of God and the Job at Hand
The Taunts of the Enemy  
The Gloucester 17? Thank "Juno"  
When the Presence of the Lord Departs   
The Devil's End Times Tricks
But Whom Do Ye Say that I Am?
Unnecessary Oaths
40 Years of Nothing
What if We Tithed?
When Jesus Comes Calling
God’s Roadmap Plan To Peace in the Middle East    
Rebuttal to the KJV-Only Crowd  
Which Nation Is The World’s Superpower?  
The Midnight Cry  
Prophecies Of The Antichrist  
His Workmanship   
Springtime — the Living Waters  
The Race — Persevering to the Goal  
Life Is But a Vapor or The Concept of Infinity   
Brian McLaren's Theology  
The 83rd Piece Completes the Prophecy Puzzle  
They're Going to Hell on Your Watch
Breaking Habits Through Prayer  
Psalm 83 or Ezk. 38 - Which is the Next?  
The Shack: Father-goddess Rising  
Prophecies Of The Antichrist  
Apes and Aliens: Where is the Vatican Leading us?
Hamas, Hizbullah, Islam and the Arabs in Prophecy

Vatican easing humanity toward alien disclosure
The False Gods of this World  
The Marks of Love  
One Way Home  
Did You See Him?
Worldwide Anti-Christian Sentiment  
The Church: Not Just a Social Club
A Personal Rapture Experience Described by John  
A Warning to the United States of America   
Christ's Second Coming:  
The Kingdom of the Antichrist: An Alternate View  
Why We Fight  
No, Bette, Not from a Distance…  
The Day No Man Knows  
The Church of Jesus Christ and the “B”-Team  
The Rapture: What is it and when will it occur?
Jesus Promised the Rapture
Peace and Trouble
In All Things, Give Thanks
Where Is He that is Born King of the Jews?
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 1
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 2
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 3
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 4
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 5
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 6
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 7
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 8
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 9
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 10
Prophecies Of The Antichrist 11
Wait for It: Are you a patient person?
The Creeping Culture of Death
Truth Decay and the Slide of Society
Single Mothers: The New “Heroes”
I’ll Be the Judge of That
The Prophecy of Adam
The name of Christ
Hell A Prime Motive For Evangelism
Abortion = Selfishness
Are You Free?
Why Do Bad Things Happen?
God's Time Cycles
Is God Cruel?
Revelation Rapture: An Anomaly?
The Church Age and the Rapture
RR Article
Types in the Bible
The Ten Virgins
Coming Attractions In World Affairs
A Question We've All Asked
Beyond Tithing
Take Heed That No Man Deceive You
The Blessed Hope
Will You be Left Behind?
Sensationalist Dispensationalists
Thoughts on Evangelism
Seven Things You Have To Know...
UFOs, and the Real War of the Worlds
The Resume' of Jesus Christ
True Gospel Vs. False Gospel
A Pre-Trib Rapture Of The Church
This Ain't All There Is
A Misunderstanding of the Gospel
Israel in the Last Days
A Pretribulation Rapture Of The Church
Life Changing Moments
Salvation, Fruit, and Prosperity
 "The Passion Of The Christ" The Modern Church & Grace
Understanding The Antichrist - Part I
Understanding The Antichrist - Part II
Do We All Worship The Same God?
What Heaven Will Be Like
Earthquake Rapture: A Pattern in Prophecy?
The Antichrist
The False Prophet
Repentance & Salvation
The Two Witnesses
Overcoming Backsliding
10 Things Noah's Ark Teaches Us About Jesus
A Balanced Approach to Pentecostalism
The Delicate Balance of Faith, Grace & Works

Robert Anderson: Detective of Prophecy
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Good & Bad Bible Teaching
God and gods
Missionaries to America
The Call to Minister
Contemporary Christian Music
God's Main, Sign To This Generation
Dividing the Land of Israel: Blessing or Curse?
The Christian Balance
God's Purpose For Your Life
Four Types Of Christians
Will My Enemies Ultimately Triumph Over Me?
Christ's Journey to the Cross
Will You be Left Behind?
A Study Of The End Times According To Scripture
A letter To Some Dear Friends
In the Twinkling of an Eye
The Russian Conspiracy Ezekiel 38 & 39
Moms' Duties on the Home Front
The Coming National ID Card
Preterism and the Eclipse of Pre-millennialism
Christians & Conspiracy Theories
The Judgments of The Tribulation
The Seven Churches of Revelation